CABINET Document Management System
Document Management System - Cabinet

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how do you store your
files at the moment?
Cabinet replaces the need to own a file server of any sort by providing all of the functionality as well as making up for the known limitations of such systems, including:
Cabinet keeps a full audit of all user actions across all folder and files. Audits can be retreived on each user, folder or file within the system.
Access can be given to individual users or groups of users on each and every folder or subfolder within the system. Any restrcited access will make the folders invisible to the user.
Cabinet ensures a soft delete approach to avoid missing or losing files. This also includes an automated delete retention policy.
Check-in and check-out features allow for automated version control whilst adhering to one true version of the document.
Cabinet provides a central repository for all your files. One common secured access without the hassles of multiple storage locations.
automated offsite backup of all your files (LITE version)
losing files becomes almost impossible
no more issues when multiple users work on the same file
overwriting of each others' data will never be a problem again
how do you currently share files and documents?
Using Cabinet eliminates all the risks and issues with sending of documents as an email attachment.
no need to attach documents to emails any longer
sending large files will never be an issue again
email attachments are hash encoded and secured with SSL encryption
ability to email documents from any location without having to rely on your laptop, phone or webmail client.
Almost all third party tools offer a cheap quick online storage utility. Cabinet on the other hand provides you with this same feature and more...
ability to give your clients access to their dedicated folder within your company's Cabinet so that they can send you material too
full administrator control on your users with a fully fledged audit trail of all actions
plus all the other features of a fully fledged document management solution including version control, documment type tagging and management, inbuilt scanning engine with OCR capability and full test searching.
how do you currently access your files remotely?
Cabinet is accessible from anywhere using any device!
no need to copy files that you need to work on from home
no more duplicate files not knowing which is the latest one
no more risk of losing your laptop containing sensitive data
constant peace of mind that no one will overwrite your data... even remotely
best of all ... you can access your Cabinet from any desktop or laptop available.
Cabinet is purposely built to be able to access your documents anytime, from anywhere.
no need to install third party solutions which require personnel to maintain and configure
no more license costs per connection to be able to work on your files remotely
no need to carry your laptop around as you can access Cabinet securely from any device or any connection. As long as you have internet you can access Cabinet.
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