Cabinet is a result of many years working within the document management industry in the UK. Throughout these years we worked using various solutions such as Hummingbird, Documentum, Sharepoint and Enterprise Informatics. We focused on deploying such solutions and integrating them with various scanning solutions and other enterprise systems.
Whilst working on such solutions one gets to understand the business requirements in more detail as well as the intricacies of such systems. Whilst deploying such solutions one starts learning what clients like about such systems and also what usually hinders the client from going for such technologies. The latter could consist in issues such as cost, the burden of training for all users, the deployment process of a new solution to all staff and also the "having to change the way we operate" to be able to customise the internal workflow based on the tool being offered.
Bearing all of the above in mind we created Cabinet. A tool that is nowadays delivering business benefit to all of our clients. We built Cabinet bearing in mind what clients want, and also eliminating or minimsing the elements that clients usually dislike about such systems.
We believe that we managed to achieve our goal as we created a system that requires only two hours of training (including administrators).