CABINET Document Management System
Document Management System - Cabinet

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not sure which
version of
to go for?
here are a few tips...
what kind of operation
are you running?
Usually the main concern for a startup is cost. Cabinet allows such entities to enjoy the full benefits of the tool itself without breaking the bank. In this case Cabinet LITE would be the perfect tool as it is the most economical document and file management system on the market.
Cabinet LITE requires no servers or physical machinery within the office. All is available as an online setup accessible from any laptop or device.
Setup of Cabinet LITE can be done within 1 working day (if given enough notice)
Management of Cabinet LITE is done inhouse without the need for technical personnel
how sensitive and confidential are the files and documents that you deal with?
How many users will be using Cabinet?
If your data is of a critical nature, then you need to go for the local installation of Cabinet (either PRO or ENTERPRISE).

Whilst the LITE version is as secure as the local version of Cabinet, policy and legislation would not approve in having the data hosted online on servers that are not managed and owned by the same organisation.
Since you only have a few number of users and your data is not as critical then Cabinet LITE is the best solution.

If the organisation grows in the future you can always move to the PRO version of Cabinet when needed.
Having more than 50 users and up to approximately 200 users we do recommend going for the local installation of Cabinet PRO version.

This version of Cabinet gives you 100 concurrent users which can easily accommodate 200 users using Cabinet at various instances.
Having more than 200 users on Cabinet would require the ENTERPRISE locally installed version.

This version of Cabinet offers an unlimited number of concurrent users allowing clients on the Enterprise version to have virtually no limit to the amount of connected users.
How many users will be using Cabinet?