The only difference between Cabinet ENTERPRISE and Cabinet PRO is the number of concurrent users that are allowed to use Cabinet. Whilst PRO limits usage to a total of 100 concurrent users, the enterprise version has UNLIMITED concurrent users giving the client the peace of mind no matter the size of the organisation.
Cabinet ENTERPRISE is installed locally within the infrastructure of the client. Cabinet PRO is applicable for any organisation that is after a full document management system that resides and operates within their own network. 
Even though this version of Cabinet will be residing on the client's network, the full feature list is available to the client including accessing documents externally (if enabled on setup).  
Installing Cabinet PRO on the local environment will require the following specifications on the client's network:
  • Windows 2008 Server R2 (can be a virtual machine)
  • IIS 7 +
  • 8/16GB RAM
  • SSL Certificate
  • Public IP Address (should the client want to open access to Cabinet outside of the network)

Installation Type
Concurrent User Licences
Not Applicable
Custom Integration
Offsite Backup
Ongoing Upgrades
Yearly License
Optional Add-ons  
Additional User / month
Not Applicable
Additional 10GB / month
Not Applicable
Additional Backup / month
Not Applicable

 -  Integration refers to custom add-ons which would require some sort of integration with local applications within the client’s environment such as Active Directory and other locally installed applications. Such services are quoted for separately based on each request.

 -  Even though offsite backup facilities are not within the PRO and ENTERPRISE solutions, Infusion can provide the setup via third parties

 - Support is based on a maximum of 10 administrator users limited to email, phone and remote support. Onsite support is charged at €55 / hour