Cabinet LITE is the most economical version of Cabinet as it is offered on a Software As A Service agreement whereby the client will not need to own or manage any servers. Cabinet LITE runs off the dedicated servers of Infusion hosted on multiple servers in US which servers are protected by the Safe Harbour Treaty of data which complies to EU regulations.
Various clients have opted for Cabinet LITE all of which are different in nature. Small to medium companies have opted for this version in order to avoid the cost and risks of owning servers themselves. Cabinet LITE allows them to have a fully blown file and document repository without the need to actually host the data themselves. This gives these type of companies the peace of mind of business continuity without the cost of owning the physical equipment to operate the company.
We also have large corporations who have opted for this version of Cabinet for a part of their operation only. This was applicable to large corporations who wanted a part of their operation to be accessible from various geographical locations as well as giving access to certain types of documents to their employees.
Following is the price plan as well as the additional options of Cabinet LITE. 
Installation Type
Concurrent User Licences
Custom Integration
Offsite Backup
Ongoing Upgrades
Yearly License
Optional Add-ons  
Additional User / month
Additional 10GB / month
Additional Backup / month

 -  Integration refers to custom add-ons which would require some sort of integration with local applications within the client’s environment such as Active Directory and other locally installed applications. Such services are quoted for separately based on each request.

 -  Even though offsite backup facilities are not within the PRO and ENTERPRISE solutions, Infusion can provide the setup via third parties

 - Support is based on a maximum of 10 administrator users limited to email, phone and remote support. Onsite support is charged at €55 / hour