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  • New Feautre
    Automated OCR on images

    Automated OCR

    This is an optional add-on that can be purchased with Cabinet, allowing you to automatically OCR all the legible content from any scanned images using Cabinet. The extracted content will be stored within the database together with the file itself allowing you to free text search such imagery using the extracted data.

    Please Note Available only in Cabinet PRO or ENTERPRISE. This module requires an extra optional fee..

  • New Feautre
    Media Streaming

    Media Streaming

    Cabinet allows you to stream any video (M4V and MP4) as well as audio (MP3) files directly through the solution without the need to download the file itself. This module comes in handy when you need to watch videos and files using mobile devices on the go. Such files are usually large in size thus streaming makes accessing and sharing such files quick and easy.

  • Document Types and Metadata

    Document Types and Metadata

    Cabinet allows administrators to create and manage document types across all documents within the system. Admin users can easily manage such types as needed and any document or file can be allocated to a document type accordingly.

  • Inbuilt Scanner with direct upload

    Inbuilt Scanning Engine with direct upload

    Cabinet has an inbuilt scanning engine that allows customers to scan in any documents whilst using the tool. It will detect the folder that the user is currently in and anything that is scanned will be found as a document in the same folder within seconds. The scanning module is fully enabled with multi page scanning, ADF settings, as well as the option of exporting the scanned image to JPG, PDF, TIFF and PNG.

  • Share Files Easily and Securely

    Share Files Easily

    Cabinet document management provides an easy, reliable and secure way to share files. It acts as a centralised repository, where you can upload and store all your documents and share them with multiple users internally as well as external partners, suppliers and clients. You can either share files individually or with a group. Just drag and drop them from your desktop to Cabinet – even large media files!

  • Email Notifications

    Email notifications

    Cabinet allows you to notify users that new files have been added or existing files have been updated.

  • Send Large files instantly and securely

    Send Large Files Instantly & Securely

    Cabinet allows you to transfer large files securely (encrypted link) to individual and groups in just a few seconds - Send a secure link that will take users right to the document or file you are sharing. Cabinet’s inbuilt email engine allows you to send files using a personal email addresses and with customisable email footers. Cabinet also allows the users to be able to see whether the attachment has been opened by the recipient recording the date and time at which it was opened.

  • Full Version Control

    Full Version Control

    Cabinet offers version control; providing an easy to use 'check-in/check-out' ability that prevents documents from being overwritten or deleted as documents are updated. Files can be quickly rolled back to previous versions as required. All versions are maintained. You can easily view any version within the browser or download it to your desktop. Each document version also allows users to track the timing of when versions were added and who added them. For a more efficient use of space, each client can opt to set up how many versions are kept for each file. Once this number is reached the previous versions are automatically deleted from the system.

  • Automated Offsite Backup

    Automated Offsite Backup

    In order to ensure maximum protection of your documents and files, Cabinet has been set up with an automated back-up service to an offsite location. Whilst the main servers on which the platform runs are based in the west coast of USA, the system is backed-up in it's entirety to another server in the east coast of USA.

    Please Note Automated only in Cabinet LITE.

  • Secure and Scalabale

    Secure & Scalable

    We take security seriously! All files in transit are secured with a 2048bit encryption while files stored on our servers are enabled with "TippingPoint® Intrusion Prevention Systems". Data is backed up daily in two continents. Strictly controlled user access with user authentication and access rights and permissions. Easily scalable solution - A client can start off with the most basic package and then scale up to further space allocation or number of users without having to place the system offline.

  • Accessible from any device

    Accessible from any device

    With Cabinet your office is wherever you are! Cabinet lets let you connect with your files anywhere, on any device. Due to the constant need to access files on the go, Cabinet has been designed and developed to be fully accessible from smart phones and tablets. 

  • Full Audit Trail

    Full audit trail

    Cabinet provides a granular audit trail on all data per user. As an administrator one can view all the actions that have been done on a particular file or folder including who accessed the file, at what time and the respective action. Administrators can also see the audit logs by user. Audit trail data also provides failed access mechanisms such as users trying to login with different accounts and failed password logins.

  • Simple Drag and Drop

    Simple Drag and Drop

    Cabinet has been purposely designed and built for touch and drag & drop functionality. Bearing in mind the most recent operating systems and the dependency on touch capabilities, Cabinet is designed for ease of use when using touch-screens. Creating folders and accessing functionality can simply be done with a long press replacing the right-click of a mouse. Files can be uploaded into Cabinet by simply dragging and dropping the files into the respective folder.

  • User Management

    User Management

    Cabinet gives you full control over the management of users and their roles and rights. The user panel within Cabinet allows you to create users and allocate access rights. Folders can be created for particular users as well as groups of users ensuring that none of the other folder structures are accessible. Creation and management of user roles facilitates set-up.

  • Full Search Facilities

    Full Search Facilities

    Whether you are searching for text within a document, or using your own customised search terms, Cabinet helps you find the documents quickly and easily. Cabinet allows users to search for phrases across the entire library of files and documents that the respective user has access to. This free text search functionality allows users to search by words or phrases either within the meta-data of the files and folders or within the actual content of the files themselves. This feature works on documents that are of type Word, Excel, PDF, Powerpoint and TXT. For ease of use Cabinet highlights any UNREAD documents with a green icon so that the user can quickly skim through any new or updated documents.

  • Full Branding Capabilities

    Full Branding Capabilities

    Cabinet allows for custom client branding features. The entire solution will be branded with the company logo of the client. The email engine allows for customisation of email footers in HTML format so the client can update their respective email footer. This can also be done at an individual user level. Each client has their own Cabinet email inbox. Each client has their own FTP account with their company details.