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Cabinet's inbuilt scanning feature as well as it's ease of use when it comes to allocating specific folders to individual users within the organisation has led to an incredibly easy solution to replace postal mail (snail mail). Cabinet is enabling our clients to get rid of the physical paper relating to post and also giving the recipients immediate access to their post from anywhere in the world. 
One of our clients in Italy bought Cabinet simply for this reason - to replace postal mail. The company operates with a virtual office based in Milan. One person only is located at the office (receptionist) with all the consultants working in various locations around the globe. The post of all the directors and consultants goes to the office in Milan. This is how Cabinet's inbuilt scanning feature came in handy.
A folder in Cabinet was created for each director, manager and employee in the company and everyone was given access to their own folder. When the post was received at reception in Milan, the secretary organises it according to the intended recipient and scans it to the relevant folder immediately when the post arrived.
Once the mail is scanned to the respective folder, the owner of the folder you are scanning to (the intended recipient of the post) receives an email notifying them that new files have been uploaded to their folder. This is an automated feature of Cabinet.
Using the above features of Cabinet, each and every employee have a copy of their mail at 9AM every morning on their laptop or device - irrespective where they are!
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