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The email function in Cabinet can only be used if the users have the right to send emails. Emails sent from Cabinet are more secure because there are no physical attachments attached to the email.  Instead Cabinet will send a hash-encoded link which is protected by SSL Certificate.

Recipients of the email will receive a link to download the document from Cabinet. There is no need for the recipient to have access to Cabinet to download documents as this is a simple download link per document sent. This will resolve the issues when sending large files as there are no attachments to the email itself.
Users who have the right to send emails, can also access the EMAILS SENT panel. This panel shows all emails sent by the respective user and their recipients. Besides, this panel also shows whether recipients downloaded the actual document.
For those documents which were downloaded, the panel will record the time and date when they were download Other documents which were not collected will be shown as 'Awaiting Collection'.
Various clients in the UK are using this feature as legal proof that the document has been read by the recipients. This is possible because the UK law states that anyone who effectively downloaded the document is considered as having read it.
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