Cabinet clients consist of a variety of firms ranging from small to medium companies, large corporations as well as public entities. Cabinet's flexibility has made it renowned within various industries including Law Firms, Financial Services, NGO's, Universities, Schools, Public Organisations, Insurance Firms, Recruitment Firms and Technology companies to name a few.
Law firms and financial services companies requested the use of Cabinet since  the storing and sharing of sensitive files is of major concern. With Cabinet such firms have peace of mind that sensitive files are stored safely and securely and may be shared safely and securely!

In such an industry the volume of files pertaining to a particular case is such that mobile or remote working is difficult as the team typically need to be in the same location to share access to the files and to limit the chance of such files going missing, being misplaced or accidentally falling into the wrong hands. Cabinet tackles all of these issues.

With Cabinet a firm may increase its productivity and efficiency as documents are all stored in one place. People may work on the document simultaneously and a copy of each version is stored automatically. Clients can also access the documents from Cabinet, enhancing client communication.
Start up and Small businesses have discovered that with Cabinet the server ownership and maintenance costs are avoided, as well of the costs of a physical office set up. Cabinet offers the flexibility of working from different locations, such as one’s own home. When the business grows, space is not an issue since one of Cabinet's offerings is set up as Software As A Service (SAAS) and therefore grows with ones needs.
Educational institutions have started using Cabinet allowing a class to share notes between as many students and teachers needed. The notes are updated and an automatic email may be sent out notifying all users. School records are sensitive and take up a lot of space to store – valuable space that would be better utilised by the students! Report cards are costly to produce and parents would need to wait until parents’ day or until report cards are distributed to gain visibility of their children’s progress. With Cabinet, parents may have access to online progress reports and receive real-time notifications of any updates.
Health and Public Organizations considered Cabinet for the ease with which documents can be organised in folder structures and allowed access for on an individual basis. Such features allows for the creation of publicly accessible (yet secure and audited) folder structures whereby patient and client records and documents can be managed. Such an interface will allow for the automatic notification of arrival of legal and medical records to people within the respective community.

Such a structure will also benefit the organisation (be it a hospital as well as a local council) to be able to manage their internal working files and forms as amongst the offices as well as their staff who are on the go as well as working from other offices and home.